Amazing flat oven-baked bread

served with tasty sauces and fresh exquisite ingredients.

Fokaz means focaccia on Mars.


Trullo   4,80
  Extravirgin olive oil & Herbs
Marinaio felice   7,00
  Tomato sauce & Herbs
Bolognese   8,00
  Bolognese sauce & Parmigiano cheese
Funghi   8,00
White Mushrooms sauce, Parmigiano cheese & Herbs
Gastone   9,00
  White Mushrooms sauce, Gegrilde Achterham, Parmigiano cheese & Herbs
Kudra   9,00
  Tomato sauce, Ricotta cheese, Parmigiano cheese & Herbs
Roos   9,00
  Roos sauce, grilled zucchini & Herbs
3 focaccia Trullo in a stack (18  slices) 13,00
   4 focaccia Trullo in a stack (24  slices) 16,00

Sweet Zobeida   4,50
  half focaccia stuffed with dark melted chocolate
Tirami-zu'  5,50
  lady-fingers, coffee, cocoa & mascarpone cream
Sapana mousse  5,50
  yougurt mousse with amaretti, saffron & raisins

delivered by
Wednesday till Sunday
4pm - 9pm
Fredrik Hendrikplantsoen 21h 1052 XP Amsterdam