Everything started at Lazagne, a concept take-away restaurant 
created by Vilco Guermandi and styled by Maria Donata Papadia,
running in Amsterdam
since 2009.
Looking for a complement in our menu, several years ago we found
 this amazing focaccia from the Sibellini Mountains, a natural park in Central Italy.
The dough is leavened 24 hours using only natural ingredients,
water from the mountain springs and full of pure extra-virgin olive oil,
then hand-stretched and baked in authentic Italian wood-fired ovens.
We started to import it and use it in our shop
 but combining it with our sauces, that were always simmering on the counter, was a match made in heaven.
Adding fresh produce from our kitchen like ricotta, aromatic herbs and more... was the next step.
The result is the catalyst for a new project that guarantees
 a quick dish of exceptional quality and taste at a fair price.
Fokaz means focaccia on Mars.

Our mission is to share delicious and nutritious Italian food with people who seek a special and authentic taste.
We serve our food with extraordinary customer service, with a deep commitment to the well-being of others.

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